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CheerSPORT is a safe environment where athletes learn to experience challenge, celebrate mistakes CheerSPORT introduces athletes to the super FUN glam world of competitive cheerleading. We take acrobatics, gymnastics, dance and lifts and turn it into a 1min 30 routine. CheerSPORT teams are the best introduction to competitive cheerleading allowing athletes to work their way through Grades 1-6, learn routines and perform at competitions all while maintaining a balance of fun. Athletes can choose to stay in CheerSPORT and progress through each grade each year or transition to our EliteCHEER program where their skills will be extended.



All CheerSPORT classes start with a circle in where coaches empower their athletes with a life lesson and the day’s goals. Athletes are engaged in a fun all body warm-up sequence before their coaches help them to learn and perfect the lifts and tumbling skills that form part of their routine. At the end of the session, athletes will put the parts of the routine they have learnt together and practice performing it to a track of popular music. Athletes will also work their way through the Grades in our exclusive All Star Syllabus.



The All Star Syllabus sets out the skills each athlete needs to learn in Grades 1-6. The Syllabus acts as a road map of predetermined goals for each athlete and works as an athlete motivator.  Coaches, athletes and parents understand and follow a consistent path to success. Athletes receive 3 progress reports or certificates throughout the year recording the skills they have mastered in their Grade. In term 4 when, athletes have completed all of the skills on all 3 progress reports they receive a graduation certificate enabling to move to the next Grade the next year.






Start Date: You can join a CheerSPORT class at anytime during the year.


How do I join: Click the Free Trial Class button to sign up for a free trial.


New to Cheer: New athletes are welcome year round, you do not need any skills or experience to start cheerleading, we will teach you everything you need to know!


On Arrival: Please make yourself known to a staff member who will direct athletes to their class. A coach will help find you a class buddy.


Wear: Close fitting athletic attire, sport shoes, hair tied up, no jewellery.


Bring: Water Bottle


Start of Class: Coaches will call athletes to the floor.


Structure: Classes start with a fun warm-up routine before covering body strength, stretching, lifts, pyramids, a little tumbling and will finish with learning and perfecting the CheerSPORT competition routine.


Syllabus: Athletes will work through the CheerSPORT syllabus skills required in their Grade. Routines will be polished for competitions and parent show-offs.

After Class: Let us know if you had fun!  If for any reason you don’t love it, please talk to us about other class options. Every child is different so we offer multiple class options to suit.


AGE: CheerSPORT classes are perfect for all ages from 5 years.  You can choose the age bracket that best suits your child: Minis 5-8yrs, Juniors 7-14yrs, Seniors 10-18yrs, Open 14yrs+


Commitment: 1hr – 1.5hrs / week


Auckland Grade 1
: 1hr/week; 9 week term; 4 competitions $225/term + Competition Uniform $175
Auckland Grade 2-6: 1.5hrs/week; 9 week term; 4 comps $295/term + Competition Uniform $175

Term: Classes run for a 9-week term, start and end dates are set out on the Important Dates PDF.

Christchurch: Contact Claire

Hamilton: Contact Michael
phone: 0220284314

Mt Roskill/Henderson: Contact Michelle
phone: 0211063250

Why CheerSPORT

– hear from NZ’s Cheerleading founder about what makes CheerSPORT special!

Competitions in Action

– see what CheerSPORT competitions are all about


“Amazing club spirit. Daughter has learnt so much, amazing coaches, lots of support and the kids have a lot of fun”

- Mandi Green

My daughters have learnt so much from the environment you have created. We really appreciate it and they recognise the skills and opportunities that cheer has provided them. Especially compared to their non-cheer friends. Cheers has not only given them physical fitness and abilities it has taught them what being part of a team means and how to lose and win well

- Loren Bruce

The last 9 years as an All Star Cheerleader have given me many amazing experiences and life lessons that have become part of what I value. I have you to thank for the friends I have made, the incredible lessons I have learnt and the life-long connections I will always keep close to my heart.

- Anonymous 


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