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Our Why


We believe in the sport of cheerleading and the great life lessons that are taught through our sport. We are passionate about building great athletes but more importantly, we are passionate about empowering young people to be confident successful young adults. Through our program, our athletes develop character, leadership, optimism, integrity, confidence, resilience, determination, and perseverance. We help to shape our young athletes to show compassion, acceptance, kindness, and teamwork. We provide a safe place for kids to be themselves, a place to belong and connect socially with their friends. We teach that there are no shortcuts or instant success, but with enjoyment, fun, passion plus Hard Work, Grit, Determination and Effort can come to Achievement. We redefine winning, its the journey And NOT the trophy, its all about the small wins and the learning opportunities that come from success and failure. It is these values we believe builds strong athletes and even better young adults!


– Kimberley Ramsay the All Star Founder talks about the All Star CheerSPORT Why


Our Values


Be Remarkable –

more than good, better than great, be remarkable. With fun at the heart of everything we do, we surprise, wow and delight each other.

Be Generous –

Be generous with your time, your compassion, your knowledge and your feedback … without expecting recognition. We show kindness and empathy and we help each other.

Be Brave –

we practice being brave by challenging ourselves, facing our fears, having brave conversations and being brave enough to fail.

Hard work over Talent –

we are hardworking, we are disciplined, we try and try and never give up.



Our Story


Our story starts with a young girl Kimberley aged 10 receiving a pair of toy pom poms her mother had bought back from Singapore. At age 13 Kimberley attempted to start her first cheerleading business making pom poms after purchasing 1000 plastic bags, but after realizing how long it would take to handmake pom poms this wee business failed. Kimberley then dreamed of being an Auckland 91FM Rugby Cheerleader but after 3 failed attempts, instead of giving up, she decided to start her own real American style cheer team … and All Star Cheerleaders was born!! Kimberley studied Law and Accounting and had a very sensible job working as a lawyer at Bell Gully, but always knew there was something missing. In 2001, the first junior All Star cheer team of 12 athletes started training at Whenuapai School as an afterschool hobby. Then in 2003 the first real All Star clubs were born – starting in 4 different areas of Auckland and giving them all different uniforms – competitive cheerleading in NZ started!! Since then All Star has grown to 10 locations nationwide, with over 10,000 athletes coming through our gyms. We have won multiple national and international championships with a number of golds at the ICU World Championships in Disney World Florida.


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