Introducing CheerFUN our brand new non-competitive programme. CheerFUN is all about creating happy, healthy kids through participation in cheer, and, of course, FUN!  Classes will follow the unique All Star Cheerleaders syllabus in dance, lifts, some tumbling, motions & cheer. In addition to syllabus work, cheerleaders will learn a fun routine to perform at an in house showcase.

Introducing CheerSPORT A safe environment where athletes are encouraged to challenge themselves, make mistakes and learn to find their small wins. Learn to work as a part of a team towards common goals. Routines are made up of dance, lifts, motions and cheer. CheerSPORT teams experience the excitement of competitions 2 times per year.

Teaching our athletes to love the journey not the trophy is what sets our EliteCHEER programme apart from other elite sports.

We provide an environment where our athletes are “free to fail”, treating mistakes as learning opportunities and looking for the small wins. Athletes are encouraged to embrace challenge, set goals & work together with their team.

The pathway to Worlds & the Olympics, our elite cheer programme builds confident, accomplished young people who compete nationally and internationally against the best of the best.